Perth Kia’s 5 Tips For A Great Road Trip.

Everyone takes road trips. Some might seem more elaborate than the next, but their success usually depends on the same important details. So we thought we’d put a list together to ensure your successful on your next voyage. Happy motoring!

Tip 1 – When Possible, Choose Your Company Wisely.

Your road trip will go way better if you’re not alone. Whether you bring family or friends; it will be much more rewarding if you can share the experience with somebody you like. Whether they can help share the responsibility of driving, dishing out directions or simply offer up a distraction – you’ll definitely appreciate the company.

If you’re travelling with kids, bring along some games or a DVD player. “Are we there yet?” can get old really quick. When I was young and we had road trips, my mother would tape a TV/VCR combo in the back of the van. Thankfully, it’s much easier today. You can purchase a portable DVD player, use a laptop or a tablet – there are several different options.

Tip 2 – Only Do a Long Road Trip With a Vehicle Recently Serviced.

Whether you bought your vehicle from Perth Kia or not, always get it checked and serviced before any long trip. There’s nothing more inconvenient than having your vehicle break down when you’re out of town; it’s also an issue of safety. Make sure your tires are decent, the correct tread for the weather and that you have a spare. You can also buy a safety kit for the road for pretty cheap. Regardless of where you are, if you’re vehicle breaks down, feel free to call us and we’ll do everything to help out. If you’d like, let us know your plans and we’ll schedule a service appointment at your convenience.

You also want to avoid any traffic infractions so make sure all your indicator light bulbs are functioning and that you bring all relevant documentation like proof of insurance and ownership in the vehicle.

Tip 3 – Don’t Over Pack…Pack Wisely.

Preparation and planning is key when packing. Bringing too much stuff is a hassle but leaving something important behind can put the breaks on your road trip in a hurry. Pack the right amount of clothes, extra footwear and a blanket. Triple-check any medications you might need, and bring extra. If possible, bring GPS and a map…electronics do fail every once in a while. Bring chargers and adapters for all your electronics and you also might want to purchase an extra, pay as you go, backup cellphone. You’ll also want to carry some cash just in case.


Tip 4 – Gas Up!

Always keep an eye on the fuel gauge; especially if you’re not familiar with the road ahead and know where the next gas station is. Some people travel with extra fuel but having a container of gas in a vehicle isn’t exactly safe. As previously mentioned, having cash on hand is important. Keep it in the vehicle, separate from your wallet or purse. Should that go missing, you won’t be without money. Also, you’re better safe than sorry…don’t push your luck driving to the “next station” if you’re running low on fuel. Anticipate the long stretches and create some type of reminder to stop for gas if you’re worried you’ll forget.

Tip 5 – Know Your Limit.

What’s the worst thing that can happen on a road trip? Not making it to the end. If you’re tired, don’t just chug a Red Bull and wing it. Switch drivers if possible or simply – pull over! There is nothing wrong with pulling over into a safe area and taking a nap.

Keeping yourself, your passengers and the other people on the road safe is by far the most important part of driving. It’s normal to want to make your destination, but don’t take unnecessary risks like driving too fast or too tired.

Thanks for reading and have an awesome road trip! Perth Kia